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How does commercial NPK fertilizer make particles from organic fertilizer production line

 Double roller extrusion granulator is suitable for the granulation process of various fertilizer powders. A set of extrusion granulation NPK fertilizer production process can produce dozens of products, and small batch production is also feasible. According to the requirements of the total amount of raw materials to be removed and the impact of the original materials on the new formula, it is possible to produce 3 batches of products every 8 hours. The double roller fertilizer granulator can meet the needs of small batch and multi variety compound fertilizer granulation.
Advantages of commercial fertilizer made into granules
In general, the accumulation proportion of pelletized products of compound fertilizer extrusion granulator has been greatly increased, so the space for transportation, storage and packaging can be saved. For multi-component mixed products, granulation can avoid segregation of components, so as to truly ensure the quality of composite products.
Extrusion granulation NPK fertilizer production process
Add qualified raw materials into the mixer according to the proportion requirements and mix evenly. It is delivered to the disc feeder to separate the impurities in the material during the conveying process. The materials in the disc feeder enter the roller granulator evenly. The materials are forced to pass between the two rollers and are extruded into thin sheets. The thin sheets are broken into pieces by the coarse crusher under the roller and then screened. The materials on the screen continue to be crushed and screened. The semi-finished products are transported to the finished product rotary drum screener machine, the screened fine particles are directly returned to the disc feeder, and the large particles are crushed by the crusher and then returned to the disc feeder. The qualified products after screening are delivered to the automatic packing scale for weighing, packing and warehousing.

Due to the small water content in pelletizing, the compound fertilizer extrusion granulator not only saves power in drying, but also needs low temperature and large air volume to produce in drying, so as not to kill microorganisms. Therefore, the double roller press granulator is also an ideal granulator for bio organic fertilizer. The compost, which is decomposed and qualified, is mixed into NPK fertilizer as organic matter after being treated by windrow turner, and then is made into special fertilizer, which is processed into organic fertilizer by the granulator.