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Application and characteristics of the dumper in the composting organic fertilizer production line

In recent years, with the prevalence of machinery and equipment, compost turner machine can be said to be everywhere in the biofertilizer project. The throwing machine is the wisdom of our company for many years, and also validates our development history in these years.
The purpose of the compost turner machine:
1. The organic fertilizer pusher is an ideal device that uses modern technology to convert agricultural waste, livestock and poultry manure and organic domestic waste into high-quality biological organic fertilizer. This product is suitable for the production of bio-organic fertilizer on the ground by stack fermentation. Its mechanical equipment has the obvious advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, fast fertilizer production and large output.
2. The ground stacking fermentation needs to stack the materials into long stacks. The materials are regularly stirred and broken by the pusher, and the organic matter is decomposed under aerobic conditions. It also has the function of crushing, which greatly saves time and labor, significantly improves the production efficiency and product quality of organic fertilizer plants, and greatly reduces the cost.
3. The bio-organic fertilizer pusher is a bio-organic fertilizer that is environmentally friendly and improves soil quality by using aerobic fermentation principles to remove pollutants such as animal manure, agricultural waste, sugar filter sludge, sludge, and domestic waste.
4. The turning machine can effectively mix livestock poultry manure, sludge with microbial preparations, straw powder and mix evenly, creating a better aerobic environment for material fermentation.

The dumping machine is a machine capable of turning, throwing away, and mixing solid deposits. It is mainly used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process and biofertilizer project, the harmless and recycling of organic waste such as domestic garbage, sludge and manure, and has the following characteristics:
(1) When processing solid deposits, according to the design requirements, the materials are stacked into triangular stacks, and the throwing machine rides on the triangular stack. Starting from one end of the stack, the blade rake teeth are driven by the rotation of the throwing drum. The mixture is thrown away, crushed, and mixed, and the mixture is thrown to the rear of the turning machine, so that a new stack is formed behind the turning machine.

(2) In the process of throwing away, the dry sludge is fully mixed and contacted with oxygen to maintain the metabolic activity of aerobic organisms, remove the sludge moisture, and prevent the stack temperature from becoming too high.

(3) The turning and throwing machine replaces the traditional manual turning and mixing, making the material more uniform in the fermentation process, making up for the deficiency of the traditional turning and mixing processing technology, and the processing capacity is relatively large, which can save a lot of labor.