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Utilization of chicken manure and treatment of organic fertilizer equipment (Ⅰ)

A large number of chicken manure will be produced in farms, which will seriously affect the environment and endanger human and animal health. Chicken manure contains high nutritional value, which can be used not only as organic fertilizer, but also as feed. The comprehensive utilization of chicken manure and organic fertilizer production line, can greatly improve the sanitary environment of chicken farms, eliminate mosquitoes, flies and odors, reduce the spread of diseases, and make full use of this resource as feed and fertilizer, so that chicken manure can be turned into treasure and produce better social, ecological and economic benefits. Chicken manure needs to be treated scientifically before it can be used to turn waste into treasure. 
 chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment 
Fermentation of chicken manure organic fertilizer:
Chicken manure is a high quality organic fertilizer, containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements. Chicken manure is directly used on crops without treatment, which has a great disadvantage, and will burn the root system of crops and bring hidden dangers of diseases. Therefore, chicken manure must be fully decomposed before it is applied, killing the parasites, eggs and pathogens that exist in chicken manure during the decomposition process. Because chicken manure produces high temperature in the process of decomposition, it is easy to cause ammonia loss. It is better to add proper water and 5% calcium superphosphate before decomposition. Chicken manure fermented by composting is a good fertilizer for grapes, watermelons, fruit trees and vegetables.
The chicken manure fermentation site should be located in a well ventilated and high terrain, away from the downwind direction of residential areas. Firstly, chicken manure bars were stacked or fermentation tanks were set up. Premixtures such as straw or rice bran were added, and starter was added to regulate water content. Chicken manure organic fertilizer is aerobic fermentation. The material is turned by the compost turning machine to increase oxygen in the material, or aerated in the fermentation heap. Compost turning machine is important organic fertilizer production equipment.After 3 days composting, the material temperature can rise to 60 ~ 70 C, and 15 days composting is mature, then processed by the organic fertilizer production line equipment, it becomes a high-quality green environmental fertilizer. Fertilizers granulated through the organic fertilizer production line are easy to store and sow.