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Coating Machine

A whole set of gyratory coating machine is made up the screw conveyor equipment, mixing tanks, oil pumps and host etc,
Model: BM1200×4000/BM1400×4000/BM1600×6000
Power 5.5kw/7.5kw/11kw
Production Capacity 5/7/15t/h
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 The complete equipment of rotary coating machine include screw conveyor, mixing tank, oil pump and main engine etc. Which form Liquid coating process. The main engine uses polypropylene lining or acid resistant stainless steel, which effectively prevent the lumps of compound fertilizer.
The equipment is specially designed in the internal structure according to the process requirement, and is a special equipment for compound fertilizer.
Working function
The main motor drive belt and pulley, and transfer to the drive shaft through reducer, then the gear of driving shaft interdigitate with gear ring from body and working in opposite direction. The materials enter into the barrel from feeding hole, and mixed with powdered or liquid additives, finally get out from outlet.
Structure overview
Bracket part: The bracket part is welded with Medium carbon steel plate and channel steel because of huge pressure from rotation body, and it reached the standard of quality controlling and process requirement. Besides, some high quality anti-corrosive and wearable materials were applied to supporting wheels due to the huge friction between wheel and gear, which improved the service life deeply.  Moreover, the bracket adopt to Integrated casting structure technology, and it equipped with lifting hook all around, easing to handling and transportation.
Transmission part: as a particularly important part, it is welded by high quality channel steel, and reached to strict quality standard. Both main engine and reducer machine attained National Free-inspection Product honor. The motor drive the belt pulley, v-belt and reducer to main shaft, and work properly. In addition, between the reducer and main shaft, which use nylon materials as connection.
Big gear ring: Interdigitated with pinion, it was fixed on main body and worked on opposite direction, and it use high-tech wearable materials, which improved working life greatly.
Rolling belt: it was fixed on the two sides of engine body, so as to support the whole body.
Engine body: As the most important part, it is welded with high quality Medium carbon steel plate, and reached to strict quality control and technical requirements.
Model Barrel Capacity Power
Internal Diameter Length Inclination Rotation speed
mm mm mm 0 r/min t/h kW
BM1200×4000 1200 4000 3 14 1-5 5.5
BM1400×4000 1400 4000 3 13 5~7 7.5
BM1600×6000 1600 6000 3 12 7~15 11
BM1800×8000 1800 8000 3 12 15~30 15
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