Fertilizer Granulating Production Line
Granulating Production Line

Fertilizer Granulating Production Line

The fertilizer granulating production line adopts the technology of non drying and normal temperature, with one-time forming and output of 1-2t/ h. The equipment investment of the compound fertilizer granulating production line is less and the economic benefit is good. Our complete set of compound fertilizer granulation production line has compact layout, energy saving and consumption reduction, and no discharge of three wastes. The production line can produce various concentrations and types of compound fertilizer.

The mainly equipment of fertilizer granulating production line
1. Batching system
Weighing and batching of various materials.
2. Vertical disc mixer
Mix all materials sufficiently to ensure the stability of product quality, and then all materials are sent to the granulator.
3. Granulator
Granulation is the core technology of the whole fertilizer granulating production line.
4. Screener machine
There are some non-uniform particles, after sieved by screener machine, the small particle diameter may be screened down for twice processing. And bigger granules go to the crusher machine again.
5. Crusher machine
For bigger granules from screening machine.
6. Packing machine
The organic fertilizer particles are granulated and directly packaged for sale.
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