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Chain Crusher

LP series chain crusher is suitable for crushing the large material on compound fertilizer production, but also widely used in chemical industry, building materials, mining and other industries
Model: LP500/LP600/LP800
Motor Power: 11kw/15kw/15kw
Prod Capacity: 1-3/1-5/2-8
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Chain crusher is applied to the shattering of the block in the fertilizer production. Also, it is widely used in chemical industry, building materials, mining and other industries. This machine use high-intensity wear resisting and cemented carbide chain plate with synchronous speed, and it has reasonable design for entrance and out quarrel, so which results in such advantages: fully broken, difficult to stick wall, easy to clean.
The function and structure
There are two types structure: one is vertical type with single motor, the other is horizontal type with double motor. Chain crusher relies on the rotor to drive the chain to rotate at high speed to strike the crushing material. It consists of a cylindrical shell, a rotor, a supporting bearing and a transmission part. When the material enters the crusher, it will be hit by the rotating chain, and then it will be crushed by collision with each other in the shell at a higher tangent speed. Because the material will rub against the body during the crushing process, the inner of the crusher is equipped with a liner. The crushed material is finally discharged from the lower discharge port.
Chain crusher has maintenance windows, which is convenient for maintenance and suitable for fertilizer granulation production.
Model Maximum size of entering graule (mm) Size after crushing Motor power Prod capacity
LP500 ≤60 <Φ0.7 11 1-3
LP600 ≤60 <Φ0.7 15 1-5
LP800 ≤60 <Φ0.7 15 2-8
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