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Cage Crusher

Cage type crusher is middle size horizontal cage bar crusher and can crush single fertilizers that is less than 6% water, especially harder rigidity material.
Model: WLF650/WLF800
Power: 26/37
Prod Capacity: 4-6/6-10
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The crushing machineis a medium horizontal cage crusher. It can crush the water content under 6% a variety of single fertilizer, especially for the larger hardness of the material. Cage crusher is small in size, small in floor space, good in crushing effect, and convenient in maintenance. It is a professional equipment for crushing materials such as ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, ammonium phosphate and urea.

The working principle of cage crusher
The cage crusher uses the cage bar fixed on the high-speed rotating rotor to strike the material and realize the material crushing. The crushing structure of cage crusher consists of two rotating cages with different diameters and reverse rotation. Each cage consists of two ring plates and several cages. Material through the hopper into the inner wheel frame, the steel material on the repeated impact of broken pieces, so as to achieve the effect of material crushing.
Model Rotate speed Power Capacity Dimensions L×W×H Weight
mm r/min kW t/h mm kg
WLF650 2000 26 4-6 1800×1300×1160 2300
WLF800 2000 37 6-10 2200×1500×1360 2550
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