• Double Axis Mixer
  • Double Axis Mixer
  • Double Axis Mixer
  • Double Axis Mixer

Double Axis Mixer

Double Axis Mixer is mainly suitable for raw materials of humidification and mixing, blend concret, clay, mud, so the material are fully mixing. And the double shafts mixer have the function of conveying too.
Model: ZYQ-QZ 400/450/500
Capacity 20/25/30t/h
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The double shaft mixer is composed of two main shafts with mixing spiral blades, which rotate in the shell and mix materials. It is a kind of mixing and conveying equipment, mainly used in fertilizer production. It improves the loading environment of closed transport equipment, and also has the characteristics of general screw conveyor.
The main structure of the main shaft of double axis mixer adopts the combination of continuous spiral body and blade spiral shaft.

Working Principle
When the material enters the mixing tank from the feed port, it is driven by the main and driven shafts equipped with spiral blades and fully stirred, then it is sent out from the discharge port, and finally it can be loaded by the transport machinery.
The material water is mixed with the material at the same time, and the water is supplied by the water spray device composed of the water inlet pipe and the nozzle.
Model Reducer Model Power (kW) Spindle speed (r/mm) Rotating diameter (mm) Capacity (t/h) Weight (kg)
400 400-1V-2 11 52 400 20 2350
450 500-1V-2 15 52 450 25 2620
500 500-1V-2 18.5 53 500 30 2980
550 650-1V-2 22 53 550 35 3450
600 650-1V-2 30 52 600 40 3850
650 750-1V-2 37 52 650 45 4260
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