• New Type Two In One Organic Fertilizer Granulator
  • New Type Two In One Organic Fertilizer Granulator
  • New Type Two In One Organic Fertilizer Granulator
  • New Type Two In One Organic Fertilizer Granulator

New Type Two In One Organic Fertilizer Granulator

We are a leading agricultural equipment manufacturer in China. We can produce many different types granulator. Such as double roller granulator, pan granulator, rotary drum granulator, flat-die granulator and organic fertilizer granulator.
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The new type two in one organic fertilizer granulator is used for fermentation and granulation of various organic compounds. After crushing, organic substances can be processed into spherical particles by the equipment. The two in one granulator is suitable for the production of organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer with strong granulation ability. It is suitable for granulation of organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer and other fertilizers.
By adjusting the circumferential linear velocity and the average residence time of the string tooth of the drum granulator, the granulation quality requirements of various organic fertilizers can be satisfied. In addition, compared with traditional drum type granulator, fertilizer production efficiency of two in one granulator is significantly improved. By choosing the proper size of the string tooth, the production capacity of the equipment can reach 8 t/h or higher under the condition of maintaining the ideal granulation quality.
Working Principle
The first section of the housing is split type assembly without lifting device or manual dismantling. It is easy to clean the inner wall of the shell. Operation principle: first, the material enters the first granulation section from the uniform feeding part (through the speed regulating feed volume) and prepare for granulation through high speed and adjustable mixing knife, then push to the second granulation section. Granulation material in the two granulation section, through the internal mixing teeth two times granulation and outer cylinder molding, achieve the purpose of granulation, so that the particles have better quality assurance. The dust collector or or a dust collecting room is installed in the organic fertilizer production line to collect excess waste and meet the requirements of air emission. We also designed the observation door and the nozzle of the spray tube. The user can spray the liquid into the particles in the drum according to the requirement of particle size.
Model Capacity (t/h)
Diameter (mm)
YSL2-60/120 2-4 1-5 42.6kW
YSL2-80/120 3-5 1-5 58.2kW
YSL2-80/140 4-6 1-5 58.6kW
YSL2-80/150 5-8 1-6 60.5kW
YSL2-100/150 6-10 1-8 72.5kW
YSL2-100/160 7-11 1-8 75.6kW
YSL2-100/180 8-12 1-10 80kW
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