• Hydraulic Roller Granulator
  • Hydraulic Roller Granulator
  • Hydraulic Roller Granulator

Hydraulic Roller Granulator

Our company are professional fertilizer production equipment manufacturer, after many years of research experience designing the hydraulic type roller press granulator, compound fertilizer powder granulator.
Model:DGZ-1 Capacity:1-1.5t/h
Model:DGZ-2 Capacity:2-3t/h
Model:DGZ-3 Capacity:3-4.5t/h
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Hydraulic roller granulator is produced by non-drying and normal temperature process, and the granules are formed at one time. The equipment has the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption and long service life. It can be matched with corresponding equipment and can be used for continuous and mechanized production of fertilizer production line. The roller granulator has wide adaptability of raw materials and can be used for granulation of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, feed and other raw materials.
1. It uses the process that has no drying , and granulating at room temperature, forming at once, it also has the less investment, quick results and good economic returns.
2. It uses the small power and reliable operation, there has no waste discharge, stable operation, convenient maintenance, reasonable layout, advanced technology and low production cost. 
3. It has wide adaptability and can be used in the granulation of compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, feed, coal, metallurgy and other raw materials, and can produce a variety of mixed fertilizers, such as organic manure, inorganic fertilizer, bio fertilizer, Magnetized Fertilizer and so on.
Working Principle: 
This series of roller granulator belongs to extrusion sliding mode. Its working principle is that the motor drive belt and pulley in the machine enter the drive shaft through the reducer, so that the drive gear and the passive shaft are synchronized and work in the same direction. Various dry powder materials enter the silo from the top and enter into two parallel rolls through degassing and spiral extrusion. The rolls rotate relatively, and the materials are forced into the two rolls to make balls. Particles enter the crushing screen chamber of the machine, and qualified particles are screened and separated. Other materials can be mixed with new materials and re-granulated. Finally, continuous operation and industrial production of materials can be realized.
Model DGZ-1 DGZ-2 DGZ-3
Capacity 1-1.5t/h 2-3t/h 3-4.5t/h
Granulator rate ≧85%
Power 15kW 30kW 37kW
Material moisture 2%-5%
Granulation temperature Normal temperature
Particle Diameter 4-10(mm)
Strength 6-20N(Compression crushing)
Shape Oblate sphere
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