• Fertilizer Ball Shaping Machine
  • Fertilizer Ball Shaping Machine
  • Fertilizer Ball Shaping Machine
  • Fertilizer Ball Shaping Machine

Ball Shaping Machine

The organic fertilizer ball shaping machine designed on the basis of flat die pelleting machine. Polish the cylindrical pellets made by flat die extrusion pelleting machine to ball shape granules one time; No need polish again
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The ball shaping machine makes the cylindrical particles roll into balls at one time, without returning materials, high granulation rate, good strength, and beautiful and practical products. It is a kingd of professional organic fertilizer ball granule machinery.
The pellet fertilizer produced by extrusion granulation or organic fertilizer granulation process, after rounding by ball shaping machine, the size of fertilizer particles is uniform, the surface is smooth, and the strength of pellets is large. Ball shaping machine improves the pellet forming rate of fertilizer, reduces energy consumption and increases the output. It is important that the rounding machine greatly improves the quality of pellet fertilizer products. This machine designed with special internal structure according to the process requirements, is an effective compound-organic fertilizer dedicated machine.
1. Large capacity , could working with one set or several sets fertilizer pelletizer at the same time, is flexible. Advantages : the production line is more simple, equipment investment is less, final products produced more uniform. 
2. This machine consists of two or more round polishing disc arranged in turn, material been repeated polish into round shape, then discharge from the outlet.Finished products are same size, large density, round and smooth, high ball forming rate ≥ 97%.Few fines flow from the disc gap to another outlet.
3. This machine with nice appearance, simple structure, safe and reliable.
4. Easy operation and maintenance, can be used to operate according to the instructions .
5. Good anti-overload ability, able to adapt to a variety of environments.
6. Power consumption is small, low production costs, high economic efficiency.
Diameter Power(kW) Capacity(t)
PYS800-1 800mm 5.5 1-3
PYS800-2 800㎜ 11 1-3
PYS1000-1 1000㎜ 5.5 2-4
PYS1000-2 1000㎜ 11 2-4
PYS1000-3 1000㎜ 16.5 2-4
PYS1200-1 1200㎜ 7.5 3-6
PYS1200-2 1200㎜ 15 3-6
PYS1500-2 1500㎜ 30 4-8
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