Drum granulator ready for shipment to Mexico

On February 27, a drum granulator ordered by Mexican customers was successfully loaded in our factory and ready for shipment to the port.
Drum granulator

Rotary drum granulator is a kind of equipment which can make materials into granules. It is an important machinery in fertilizer production. Drum granulator is widely used in compound fertilizer industry. It can be used in cold and hot granulation of fertilizer and large-scale production of compound fertilizer with different concentration. The pelletizing rate of the equipment is over 70%. Fertilizer pelletizing has the advantages of less return, high yield, less power consumption and low maintenance cost. In addition to drum granulator, fertilizer granulator also has roller extrusion granulator, flat-die granulator, ring-die granulator, disc granulator. Rotary drum granulator fertilizer production line has been widely welcomed by international customers because of its high output and low production cost.

Our factory is mainly engaged in various fertilizer production machines, as well as a complete set of fertilizer production line equipment. At present, our equipment has been successfully put into production in many countries, including India, Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain and so on.