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Process combination in granulation production of cow manure organic fertilizer production line


Generally, the turning depth of rotary cultivator is about 20 cm, which often leads to the enrichment of surface nutrients. Vegetable roots are fertilizer oriented. After planting, the roots will extend with the expansion of fertilizer. A large number of roots are concentrated in about 20cm of soil, which will not only affect the growth of vegetables, but also reduce the resistance of plants. It is easy to be damaged by low temperature in winter. During the interview, the reporter found that if the fertilizer is too concentrated on the surface, the roots such as cucumber will spiral and grow, rather than vertically and deeply. Secondly, when the amount of base fertilizer is small, furrow application and border application can be adopted, and when the amount of base fertilizer is large, it must be turned deeply in the whole shed.

The granulation production process of cow dung organic fertilizer production line mainly includes mixing, granulation, packaging and other links, because granulation uses water crop medium to bond the materials together. During the production of fertilizer, water will be added to the mixer. After the particles are generated, the materials will be dried to remove moisture, and then cooled to room temperature to screen appropriate particles for later packaging.

The process combination of organic fertilizer equipment is not invariable, but changes with the production mode of organic fertilizer, raw material composition, raw material moisture and final molding. The acidity of organic fertilizer raw materials is too high, or the production requirements are high, so it is necessary to consider using stainless steel to contact the raw materials, or lined with polypropylene plate. The process combination of each part of organic fertilizer equipment shall meet the purposes of compact and reasonable, convenient operation and maintenance, so as to make better use of organic fertilizer equipment in organic fertilizer production.