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Market prospects for industrialized treatment of livestock manure

For the breeding industry, how to deal with the large amount of excrement produced every day is very important for the sustainable development of enterprises. The industrialization treatment of livestock and poultry manure is a matter of concern for many farms. Although it is aquaculture waste, these manure is rich in organic matter, which can be turned into products through manure and fertilizer manufacturing process, and continue to bring economic benefits. Therefore, the prospect of industrial treatment of fecal waste is quite optimistic.
Organic fertilizer
There are several directions for the industrial treatment of the more common farming manure: processing and production of organic fertilizer, making microbial fermentation bed, fermentation of biogas, etc. Here, it is the most common to make organic fertilizer raw materials, because whether it is used as breeding bedding material or to produce biogas, the solid waste generated still needs to be treated, and making it into organic fertilizer is their best destination. In this paper, we briefly introduce the treatment and processing of organic fertilizer by using livestock and poultry manure.
Manure to organic fertilizer
1. The first thing to do in the whole process is harmless treatment, which requires fermentation of materials and killing of harmful microorganisms. Taking the separated solid materials as an example, the high-temperature aerobic fermentation process can be processed by the windrow turner, which can effectively and pollution-free ferment the raw manure water into organic fertilizer raw materials, avoiding the secondary pollution in the processing process.

2.The fermented material does not contain any harmful substances, which can be crushed and screened and then packaged, which is ordinary organic fertilizer. It is rich in organic matter and can effectively improve soil degradation compared to chemical fertilizers. Of course, you can also add some auxiliary materials, such as fertilizer raw materials or biological bacteria, etc., to make high-efficiency functional fertilizers through fertilizer granulator machine, so that the nutrients and functions of fertilizers are more abundant.

There is a huge demand in the organic fertilizer market, and the manure in the farm is in urgent need of treatment. Through the purchase of cheap raw materials to process into high-grade organic fertilizer products, the prospect of industrialization of manure treatment is very broad.