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Advantages of windrow turner compared with trough turning machine in composting

Windrow turner is used for composting fermentation, which belongs to one of the ground dumpers and is the basic organic fertilizer production equipment. The machine has the characteristics of compact design, simple operation and saving working place.

Working principle of windrow turner
Windrow turner adopts full hydraulic operation system, pull rod steering wheel operation, crawler type walking, with high-power diesel engine, the tripper can be up to 2-3m wide and 1.5m high. The crawler tripper adopts the overall lifting design of the frame, which can lift the frame height when changing the working site and the height of the tripper needs to be changed, making the operation more convenient. Due to the full hydraulic power design of the windrow turner, there is basically no mechanical wear, and the failure rate is very low, so there is little need for maintenance.

Application range of windrow turner
Windrow turner belongs to the type of ground turning machine, which has stronger turning capacity and larger output, and is generally suitable for small-scale organic fertilizer plants or farms.
windrow turnerwindrow turner

Trough compost turning machine
In addition to the windrow turner, we also provide a turner for fermentation tanks. Trough compost turning machine, as shown in the name, needs to travel according to the track built in advance during the working process. The equipment consists of driving device, lifting device, traveling device, turnover device, displacement vehicle and other main components.
Trough compost turning machine is generally used in the production of large-scale organic fertilizer production plants with limited production sites. The compact fermenter site design not only saves the organic fertilizer raw material fermentation site, but also facilitates the production and turnover of the subsequent granulation production line.

Compared with other turning machines, the most important advantage of the windrow turner is that it is suitable for the larger environment of the production site and realizes the fermentation of a large number of organic fertilizer raw materials. The machine is designed with full hydraulic power, basically without mechanical wear, greatly improving the working efficiency and use efficiency.