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Application Range of an Organic Fertilizer Granulator-Flat Die Granulator

Organic fertilizer is an important source of fertilizer in agricultural production. It plays an important role in agricultural production. Overuse of chemical fertilizer and neglect of application of organic fertilizer will lead to the decline of soil fertility and soil hardening. Organic fertilizers contain a large number of nutrients needed by plants, which provide a relatively smooth and lasting nutrient supply for plants, and have a long aftereffect. Organic fertilizer granulator can produce high quality pellet organic fertilizer. Pellet organic fertilizer is a slow-acting fertilizer, which prolongs the action time of organic fertilizer and improves the effect of organic fertilizer.

The release rate of slow-controlled fertilizer produced by fertilizer granulator is consistent with the rate of nutrient uptake by plants, and the release time is consistent with the survival time of crops. Once fertilization can meet the nutrient needs of the whole growth period of the crop. The treatment of fertilizer granulator can reduce the times of fertilization, save labor and improve the efficiency of large-scale fertilization. Organic fertilizer flat die granulator greatly improves the effect of organic fertilizer, and is an important organic fertilizer production equipment in organic fertilizer production.

Organic Fertilizer Granulator-Flat Die Granulator
Flat-die granulator is a kind of organic fertilizer granulator commonly used in organic fertilizer processing. This granulator has unique advantages. Fla die granulator has beautiful appearance, small volume and light weight. Flat die fertilizer granulator has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance. The users do not need special training. When using it, they can operate by consulting the instructions.
organic fertilizer flat die granulator

In addition to the organic fertilizer production line for flat die granulator, after the fertilizer production period, flat die granulator can also produce feed, which can solve the problem of idle machine. Flat die granulator has small power and high output. It is an small and medium-sized ideal equipment for biological fertilizer plants, feed plants, farms and pastures, and sewage treatment plants.