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Common wear problems of organic fertilizer production line equipment

The so-called organic fertilizer production line is the technological process of producing organic fertilizer by equipment with livestock manure as raw material. On the one hand, we have solved the environmental pollution of animal manure through organic fertilizer production equipment. On the other hand, it plays a role in waste utilization. Let's learn more about the common problems of organic fertilizer production line.
organic fertilizer production line equipment

What are the common wear problems of organic fertilizer production equipment

In the daily operation of organic fertilizer production equipment will be protected from wear. Under normal circumstances, manufacturers in the production of machines will consider this kind of wear. Within the safe service life of the equipment, these controllable damages and wear do not have a great impact on the equipment, so there is no need to worry too much. However, some of the hidden dangers will cause serious damage to the safety of the equipment. Therefore, the manufacturers should do a good job in the inspection and management of the abrasion of the organic fertilizer granulator equipment.

(1) Running-in wear: This is the normal wear and tear of equipment. When the friction between the new friction surfaces starts, the wear speed is faster. After reaching a certain level, the actual contact area between the friction surfaces increases, and the unit pressure decreases accordingly, and the wear speed also decreases.

(2) Abrasive wear: wear damaged by hard particles cutting off the wear surface.

(3) Adhesive welding wear: When a certain material of the friction surface is too light, the contact pressure is too large, the lubrication condition is too poor, or the temperature is too high.

(4) Fatigue wear: This occurs more frequently on the friction surface with rolling friction, which is manifested in the occurrence of cracks on the friction surface of the part, causing the metal surface to fall off. The main reason is that the contact pressure of the surface material exceeds the anti Compressive ultimate strength. In this regard, care should be taken to maintain the disc granulator machine in normal use.

(5) Corrosion wear: the friction surface is oxidized and deteriorated due to the continuous infiltration of water vapor, chemical gas or oxide. Generally, it is oxidation wear and chemical corrosion wear.