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Composition of equipment system for processing organic waste

The process of organic fertilizer manufacturing machine processing organic waste is to eliminate the odor of livestock manure. In the first fermentation, straw, plant leaves, weed powder and other plant stems and leaves should be added in proportion. At the same time, the fermentation bacteria should be added to decompose the crude fiber, so that the particle size requirements after crushing can meet the requirements of granulation production.
organic fertilizer manufacturing machine

The finished secondary fermentation materials are crushed and put into the mixing and stirring system. Before mixing and stirring, add some trace elements to the mixing and stirring system according to the direction, and start stirring. The mixed materials are transported to the disc granulation system, and the granules enter the cooling system after passing through the dryer. After the materials reach normal temperature, they are screened, and the particles that meet the requirements enter the coating machine for film coating and start packaging. The particles that do not meet the requirements are crushed by a pulverizer and then returned to the disc granulation system to continue granulation.

In short, bio organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment is mainly composed of deodorization and dust removal system, fermentation system, crushing system, batching system, drying system, granulation system, screening system and finished product packaging system.