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Differences between fertilizer and compound fertilizer processed in mixed fertilizer production lines


Differences between fertilizer and compound fertilizer processed in mixed fertilizer production lines

Mixed fertilizer is a raw material that combines two or more granular high nutrients. Especially suitable for areas with large land areas, complex soil types, and a wide variety of crops. Made from unit fertilizer or compound fertilizer through simple mechanical mixing, there is no significant chemical reaction during the mixing process. There are two types of production processes for compound fertilizers. One is called compound fertilizer produced by physical mixing, and the other is called compound fertilizer formed by chemical reactions of minerals containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

BB fertilizer mixer (mixed fertilizer production line) adopts forward and reverse operation, and uses internal screw mechanism and unique three-dimensional structure to mix and output materials. The equipment is highly practical. Its feeding system does not store materials, and the mixing system is evenly mixed. The electronic control system is equipped with manual, automatic, and composite settings. The equipment has the characteristics of low price, small floor area, large output, and uniform mixing.

The complete set of BB fertilizer production line mainly consists of the following equipment: storage silo; Feeder; Measurement; blender; Large inclination belt elevator; Quantitative packaging machine; Automatic sewing machine; Finished product transfer belt conveyor; Computer control system.

Main functional features of BB fertilizer mixer:

1. The equipment covers a small area (25-50 square meters) (the power of the entire equipment is less than 10 kW/hour);

2. The control system can be suitable for the on-site environment;

3. Adopt two-stage shockproof processing and multi-level filtering technology to ensure accurate measurement;

4. Automatic control high-speed 485 or 232 communication interface, adjustable formula at any time Enterprises can change the production formula according to different requirements of fertilizer sales;

5. Automatic mixing packaging, uniform mixing, exquisite packaging, no separation of materials during the packaging process, and arbitrary adjustment of mixing range of 10-60kg to overcome the segregation phenomenon of large ingredients in the production and packaging process

6. Adopt pneumatic drive, two-stage feeding of large and small materials, independent and cumulative metering of various materials, resulting in fast production speed;

7. The control system has automatic tare removal, rough measurement, automatic compensation for drop, and automatic measurement of overshoot;