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Process for using disc granulator used in fertilizer granulating production line

Chicken manure, pig manure, grass ash, straw ash and other materials can be used to produce fertilizers. These materials are rich in sources, cheap, and good fertilizer effect. They are the main materials of fertilizer granulating production line. The key of fertilizer granulation process is fertilizer granulator. Here we introduce the granulation treatment of disc granulator in detail to analyze how to adjust fertilizer granulating production line and improve fertilizer production efficiency.

Production process of disc granulator
disc granulator
The gear of the disc granulator drives the disc to rotate, and the material on the disc becomes larger and larger as the machine moves, and finally forms particles. For the disc granulator, the main factors affecting the fertilizer granulation rate are the disc inclination angle and the disc speed, so the disc granulator designed by us is inclined. The granulation disc angle adopts the overall arc design, and the bottom of the granulation disc is also reinforced with a plurality of radiant steel sheets, which makes the disc granulator more durable.

Because the material layer of the disc granulator in fertilizer granulating production line will become thicker and thicker during the rotating process, resulting in the increase of the operating load of the disc granulator and the increase of the working current of the main motor of the disc granulator, it is necessary to stop after a period of production operation to remove the bonded material on the disc surface of the disc granulator. In view of this situation in the fertilizer granulating production line, we designed the automatic cleaning part on the disc granulator. This part is installed on the top of the disc granulator, forming a lower frame and equipped with automatic cleaning board, so as to remove the materials sticking to the wall during the production process, which greatly improves the service life of the machine and saves labor.