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Does the dried chicken dung and cow dung still need to be fermented?


Sun-dried chicken dung and cow dung need to be fermented. The chicken dung and cow dung that is fermented belongs to the category of farm manure. Fermentation treatment is the key step of organic fertilizer production by the organic fertilizer granulator, with the purpose of deodorization, sterilization and adding beneficial bacteria. Unfermented raw materials contain a large number of harmful bacteria such as heavy metals, insect eggs, weed seeds, etc. If applied directly, it will not only cost poor fertilizer efficiency but also increase the probability of crop diseases and insect pests.

Methods of fermenting chicken dung and cow dung in large-scale organic fertilizer processing plants:

There are three common fermentation methods: fermentor fermentation, strip and pile fermentation, and tank fermentation.

Fermentation in fermentation tank is a new type of fermentation equipment. The raw materials are put into the fermentation tank for fermentation. The equipment has deodorization system, ventilation system, mixing system and auxiliary heating system. The characteristic is that it is not affected by the ambient temperature, it can be produced at any time, and the fermentation speed is fast.

The strip and pile fermentation, which is conducted in an open field, is suitable for organic fertilizer processing plants with limited site conditions and do not want to invest a lot in civil engineering. Features The operation of the fermentation site is flexible, and the self-propelled stacker is convenient to walk.

For tank fermentation, a fermentation tank is built in the plant area. The upper end of the fermentation tank wall is equipped with a rail. The tank type tipping machine walks on the rail. The raw materials are put into the tank. The tipping machine walks back and forth to flip the materials. The characteristics are that the operation of the organic fertilizer granulator equipment is stable, and it is suitable for the organic fertilizer processing plant with a slightly large output and batch production.