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Effect of granulation and granulator on NPK compound fertilizer production

The difference of raw material ratio of compound fertilizer, NPK fertilizer production process and fertilizer granulator machine, which affect the physical and chemical properties of NPK compound fertilizer, which indirectly affects the application effect of compound fertilizer. In NPK fertilizer production and processing, granulator machine has a great effect on improving the quality of fertilizer products.

The specific surface area of NPK compound fertilizer affects its storage, transportation and interaction with soil after application. The bigger the specific surface area of NPK compound fertilizer is, the easier it is to form flour and promote the release of fertilizer nutrients in soil. The resistance of granules is proportional to the specific surface area of granules, so in the production of compound fertilizer, the fertilizer granulator machine controls the specific surface area of granules well, which is conducive to nutrient release of fertilizers and nutrient absorption of soil.

Secondly, the specific surface area of compound fertilizer is also affected by the size of fertilizer particle. Fertilizer granulator machine guarantees a certain granularity of compound fertilizer, which can make the fertilizer have better storage and fluidity, and facilitate mechanical fertilization. At the same time, granule is also an important condition to reduce the interaction between fertilizer and soil.
NPK fertilizer production
The solubility of materials in compound fertilizers is high, the composition of chemical fertilizers is large, the concentration of solution is high, and the viscosity of liquid phase is relatively large. The solubility of materials in fertilizer is low, the concentration of fertilizer in water is low, and the liquid viscosity is poor. The supply of phosphorus in the soil directly affects the increase of crop yield and the distribution of phosphorus in the soil. The migration distance of fertilizer phosphorus in the soil is usually short. The speed of soil phosphorus diffusion directly affects the absorption and availability of phosphorus in crops, and the movement of phosphorus in soil is also affected by soil properties. Therefore, it is very important to combine fertilizer properties and soil properties for fertilizer granulation.