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Equipment configuration and price of small-scale powdered organic fertilizer production line


The investment in organic fertilizer equipment can be large or small. If producing powdered organic fertilizer for processing, only one fermentation equipment, crusher, and screening machine need to be invested. The investment is only a few tens of thousands of yuan. If producing granular organic fertilizer, it is necessary to add an organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, and a cooling machine is generally not required for an annual production capacity of 10000 tons of organic fertilizer. The investment amount is about several hundred thousand yuan. The construction site can be large or small, and generally requires 3 to 5 acres of land.

Small scale organic fertilizer equipment, powder organic fertilizer equipment with low configuration only requires a fermentation flipper, crusher, mixer, screening machine, and packaging machine. This belongs to the basic configuration, and devices are added according to the actual needs and requirements of the customer. Therefore, the price of a complete set of small organic fertilizer equipment ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. At present, most of the automatic quantitative packaging machines in the domestic market are semi-automatic production, requiring manual bagging and personnel to take care of the packaging process. Generally, an automatic quantitative packaging scale requires two people to operate, which improves the efficiency of enterprise production.

Choose the area of your own site for building organic fertilizer equipment. Generally, customers should consider their suitability for building their own production lines. If you are a large aquaculture company, it is more suitable to choose an organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 10000 tons. If you are a customer investing in building a small organic fertilizer production line, you should choose the appropriate organic fertilizer equipment based on the actual situation in a location close to the raw materials.

The general price of organic fertilizer production equipment is several hundred thousand yuan. The equipment configuration for cow manure organic fertilizer production varies depending on the raw materials, and suitable plans can also be made according to the investment budget. The price of cow manure organic fertilizer production equipment varies with different yields. It is recommended that customers consider the investment amount for organic fertilizer production before making an inquiry, and then inform the manufacturer of the raw materials used for processing and production. This will provide an approximate price range for everyone, and then choose the appropriate production line configuration according to the budget.