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Flat die granulator processes organic fertilizer granules and processes feed pellets

Flat die granulator is a kind of granulation machine which makes solid materials shape. It is durable and adaptable to raw materials. Flat die granulator is widely used in biomass granulation. A flat die granulator organic fertilizer production line designed by our plant has the advantages of high efficiency and low energy consumption, and is favored by fertilizer plants.

In addition to being widely used in fertilizer production industry, flat die granulator also plays an important role in feed processing of aquaculture farms. Because of the machine structure and process technology of the flat-die granulator, it can extrude the feed into hard particles needed. The appearance of the finished feed products is good, which meets the needs of feed breeding.

Working Principle of Flat Die Granulator
When the flat die granulator works, the raw materials are added to the feeding room. The feeding space of the feeding room is vast, which provides space for large diameter rollers specializing in extruding biomass raw materials, as well as feeding space for fluffy organic fertilizer raw materials and feeds. On the other hand, direct feeding through gravity is efficient and practical. The motor of the flat die granulator adjusts the speed to the required speed through the gearbox, drives the transmission shaft, compresses and compacts the material into the die hole through the relative motion of the roller and the die, and forms a rod through the die hole. Flat die granulator generally has two transmission forms: one is that the roller rack is fixed on the shell, the main shaft drives the die to run actively, and the roller is passive; the other is that the die is fixed, the main shaft drives the roller rack to run, and the roller rotates around the axis while rotating. The flat die granulator designed by our factory adopts the latter process. This kind of flat-die granulator consumes less energy and has high production efficiency.

flat die granulator organic fertilizer production line
The flat-die granulator organic fertilizer production line in fertilizer plant has the advantages of small investment, low energy consumption, simple structure and very practical application. Even in the off-season, the flat-die granulator can also be used to process feed particles to achieve a multi-purpose machine.