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Four advantages of using organic fertilizer machine

Fertilizer manufacturing equipment plays an important role in promoting the development of agriculture. Agriculture needs organic fertilizer and livestock manure needs to be solved. Organic fertilizer manufacturing machine connects the two skillfully. It can process organic fertilizer by processing animal manure, and can help the soil restore the natural ecological balance.

1. Organic fertilizer machine is conducive to the healthy life of human beings.

The contents of sulfur, ammonia and other substances in the untreated animal manure are very high, which can breed mosquitoes and flies and transmit various diseases. After the disposal of organic fertilizer production line, it has a corresponding preventive effect on human life and health.

2. Fertilizer equipment reduces the pollution of livestock manure to the environment.

With the help of organic fertilizer machine, chicken manure can be cleared and transported at any time. Fresh chicken manure is processed by a series of organic fertilizer production lines such as compost turner, semi-wet material crusher, mixer, and dryer. Chicken manure firstly removes odor; secondly, it completely kills various pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs, grass seeds, etc. in chicken manure; thirdly, it removes harmless substances in chicken manure, chicken drug residues and avian influenza virus. In this way, the maximum increase in the purification of air and the transmission of hazards and losses to the environment, humans, animals and animals.

3. Increase agricultural income.

The high quality fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer machine not only improves the quality of agricultural products, but also greatly improves the yield, bringing higher benefits to producers. We continue to advocate green food, pollution-free food and inorganic food, encourage green environmental protection, the emergence of organic fertilizer production line, which provides a fundamental guarantee for this kind of food in China.

4. It is conducive to the export of agricultural products to earn foreign exchange.

It is conducive to the export of various agricultural products. If you want to be loved by the international market, the first thing is to produce high-quality agricultural commodities. The biological organic fertilizer processed by organic fertilizer production line and disc granulator machine is conducive to strengthening the competitiveness of agricultural products in the international market.