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Advantages of high-yield cattle manure composting fermentation turning machine

Fermentation equipment generally adopts aerobic fermentation and anaerobic fermentation, that is, turn-over fermentation and tank fermentation. Tank fermentation is relatively costly and less used. Compost turning machines are divided into flat ground turning machines and trough turning machines, each of which has advantages.
The advantages of the windrow turning machine are simple and convenient to use and easy to move, but the output is low and the turning uniformity is not high. It is suitable for small organic fertilizer processing enterprises that are just starting out. Although the trough compost turning machine is cumbersome, it has good stability, relatively high turning uniformity and large output. Therefore, more manufacturers are used.

Advantages of cattle manure composting fermentation turner

1. In the temperature regulation can be adjusted according to the needs of appropriate, raw materials and air full contact, absorb a lot of fresh air.

2. It can change the permeability of raw materials, making the raw materials more elastic and nutritious. The fermentation of raw materials is suitable for further processing of disc granulator machine.

3. In the mixing process of raw materials, the mixing function is powerful, which can integrate all kinds of raw materials together.