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High Profits NPK Fertilizer Production Granulator Machine Comes Out

A high profits double roller granulator for NPK compound fertilizer production has been successfully developed in our plant and put into market. At present, most NPK fertilizer production in China adopts drum and disc granulation equipment, which has poor mechanical profits, high investment and high cost. Our factory has developed a new generation of high profits NPK fertilizer granulator machine under the cooperation of professional research units. The equipment has the characteristics of less investment, high efficiency, superior profits and convenient use.

Roller extrusion granulator is a granulation process that uses the strong pressure of equipment to make solid materials aggregate. This granulation process does not need to pass through the dull. The material is kneaded by two reverse rotating rollers in the roller extrusion granulator. When the solid material is subjected to the external force of the extrusion granulator, the air between the powder particles is swept to rearrange the material and eliminate the gap between the materials. When the material is kneaded by the extruding fertilizer granulator machine, the particles will deform or move, and a strong van der Waals force reorganization will take place. At the end of the granulation process, the material will be melted at the contact point between ions. After discharging, the temperature will decrease, and the cooling of the material will form a fixed and non-deformed particle.
roller fertilizer granulator machine

Application Range
The high profits NPK fertilizer production process is used for the dry roller granulation, and the dry powder material is directly pressed into granules at normal temperature, which can not only produce carbon ammonium, urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride and the like as a base material. The multi-element compound fertilizer and single fertilizer are also suitable for the production and granulation of organic fertilizers and magnetic fertilizers and rare earth fertilizers.