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How to realize the crushing process of organic fertilizer machine

The crushing of organic fertilizer material is a very important process of fertilizer manufacturing equipment. The crushing of organic fertilizer equipment plays a role of bedding for the later production process.

The material processing of organic fertilizer machine is relatively a process step. In the process of material processing, it is necessary to break the material of organic fertilizer equipment in the front section, and then form the bulk material of oxygen fermentation material, which is convenient for the production process of powder fertilizer at the back of organic fertilizer equipment. The process of granular fertilizer, the rubber chain crusher used to break the material in organic fertilizer equipment, and the organic fertilizer equipment are introduced Material crushing process is the specific use of what to achieve it? Below the organic fertilizer machine manufacturers for your detailed answer to see the crushing process of organic fertilizer equipment.

The crushing principle of organic fertilizer equipment is that the relatively large materials fall into the crusher from the feed port, and then pass through the high-rise operation through the gravity action, so that the crushing chain with relatively high operation speed can finally be broken into powdery materials through the high-speed rotating crushing, from the material falling into the mouth to the next step of organic fertilizer granulator.
organic fertilizer crushing machine

Generally, the moisture content of fermented organic fertilizer materials is between 35% and 45%. The wet materials have a certain viscosity, which is realized by the crushing efficiency of traditional pulverizer. The failure rate of crushing efficiency is relatively low, which is easy to cause equipment blockage, thus causing a series of impact problems on the current.

Chain crusher is a special equipment which is specially designed for this characteristic of fertilizer. The application effect of vertical chain crusher in the field of organic fertilizer is obvious.