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How to improve resource utilization efficiency in organic fertilizer equipment production

 Organic fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer equipment occupies an important position in the history of fertilizer development in China, is a representative work of innovation, skills, ecology and environmental protection, step by step into farmer families, plays an important role in crop growth, and plays an important role in ecological environment, soil transformation and physical layout. Therefore, organic fertilizer occupies a very important position for us in the fertilizer industry. How can we avoid the waste of organic fertilizer resources in the future application and production process of organic fertilizer?
China is a big agricultural country, the fertilizer consumed every year is one of the best in the world, especially organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, fertilizer, etc., and the development and implementation of organic fertilizer production equipment, the strong organic fertilizer has found the wheel of development, from waste to priceless things. Then overthrew the traditional situation, in recent years, 
organic fertilizer production lines have also continued to improve the application of agricultural fertilizers, with everyone's needs to improve. It is becoming more and more automated and intelligent, and it has become the most important thing in major business companies. Organic fertilizer equipment design leading, reasonable layout, simple operation, strong function, the maximum limit to reduce the occurrence of resource waste, and can be recycled in the entire production process.

The complete production line of stock conversion, stirring, and granulation is used to process organic raw materials after fermentation. It combines various advantages. Before granulation, the fermented raw materials are crushed, and the ingredients are directly mixed with a mixer into the granulation machine to produce spherical particles. The particles produced by this machine are spherical, with an organic content of up to 100%, greatly saving energy and improving utilization efficiency. The direct goal of the customer has been achieved by directly processing pure organic matter into particles, and utilizing the characteristic of organic fertilizer raw materials being embedded and enlarged under certain conditions. No additives, adhesives, etc. need to be added during granulation. After the finished product is produced, the particle strength is very good. After granulation, it is directly screened to reduce drying energy consumption and save coal electricity.