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How to size the bio organic fertilizer granulator


1. The organic fertilizer granulator is rotated at high speed, and the materials are overturned at high speed with the barrel, so that the powder can adhere under high speed movement, and the process of mixing, granulation, spheroidizing, densification, etc. can be continuously realized inside, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation. The particle shape is spherical, the particle size is 0.5-5mm, the granulation rate is above 98%, and the water content is 35-40%. The particle diameter can be adjusted by the speed of the rotor. The lower the rotational speed, the larger the particles, and the higher the rotational speed, the smaller the particles, and vice versa.

2. The organic fertilizer granulator shall granulate and process the raw materials fermented within the specified range. It breaks through the characteristics of large reverse materials, high water content, low strength, uneven particle size or air drying in the air, small output, and low output of the disc granulator, saves fuel during the drying process, breaks through the characteristics of low output, difficult maintenance, difficult mold cleaning, difficult adjustment, and brings flying power and time-consuming to users, greatly saves energy, improves utilization, increases enterprise profits, and realizes customers' direct aspirations.

The application scope of organic fertilizer granulator is: peat fermentation, sludge fermentation, cow, sheep, chicken, pig manure fermentation, straw fermentation, residue fermentation, residue fermentation for mushroom cultivation, domestic waste fermentation, etc. According to the microelements required by crops, organic fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer can be made from raw materials without damaging beneficial bacteria. It is a green organic fertilizer used for agriculture, forestry, flowers, trees and vegetable crops. It can handle garbage and increase environmental protection.