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How to use walking windrow turner

There are many kinds of turner machines. According to the driving mode, they can be divided into trough-type turner machine and walking-type windrow turner machine. There is a big difference between the walking type turner and the organic fertilizer tank type turner, because the walking windrow turner does not need to build trenches, reduces the land construction of fertilizer manufacturing process, and only needs a piece of open space to complete the fermentation.

Walking Windrow Turner

As there is no need to build fermentation tank to stack materials, which reduces the cost of civil engineering, stacking composting has a good application prospect in the field of waste treatment and resource utilization in aquaculture. The cross section of the pile can be trapezoid, irregular quadrilateral or triangle. The artificial turning environment is poor and labor intensity is large, but its aeration and homogenization effect is not ideal, and the quality of compost products is not guaranteed. Therefore, for the modern composting industry, the windrow turner is an indispensable professional composting equipment.
windrow turnerwindrow turner

There are many kinds of classification methods for walking turner, the most intuitive method is to see whether there is power source for driving, which can be generally divided into two categories: traction turner and self walking turner. Taking the windrow turner as an example, it is upgraded from the wheel turner. More force points on the track avoid the phenomenon that the wheel is easy to slip when turning the turner. The working part of the machine is a horizontal drum equipped with gear shifting, and the gear stirring is assembled in the middle of the bridge structure. During operation, the whole turner machine rides on the stacking, and the rotor is driven by special power to turn backward. The teeth on the rotor tear and flip the materials, and then drop them to the rear.

In order to produce more efficient organic fertilizer, it also needs the combined treatment of multiple equipment such as crusher, fertilizer granulator (double roller fertilizer granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, flat mold pellet mill, pan granulator), dryer, etc. Through further processing, high quality organic fertilizer products are obtained.