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Is organic fertilizer manufacturing machine important in agricultural production

Applying enough compost can completely replace chemical fertilizer, applying organic fertilizer can reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer needed by seedling by 30%, and the application amount of bio organic fertilizer can also meet the requirements, so it is unnecessary to use chemical fertilizer after fertilization. Organic fertilizer manufacturing machine plays a key role in processing special fertilizer needed by crops and in agricultural production.

1. Part of organic fertilizer is directly absorbed and utilized by crops, and transformed into organic matter for plant use. Organic fertilizer can reduce the loss of chemical fertilizer, improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer and increase the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer. Reduce the adverse effects of chemical fertilizer on the environment and the quality of agricultural products, improve the resistance of plants to diseases and insect pests, reduce the annual amount of pesticide application from three times to four times, improve crop quality and sales scope, and promote product sales.

2. Organic fertilizer manufacturing machine eliminates soil consolidation, improves soil aggregate structure, increases soil permeability, reduces soil loss, increases soil organic matter content, not only protects environment, but also creates sustainable and stable crop yield and high-yield soil environment.
organic fertilizer

3. Bio organic fertilizer can supply nutrition continuously and stably. Nutrition to ensure the growth of seed yield.

4. The crops using bio-organic fertilizer generally grow vigorously, with green leaves and high photosynthetic efficiency. The fertilizer is strong, the crops are not easy to pull out seedlings, and the harvest period is prolonged. The principle of increasing production: increase the seed setting rate and degree, increase the late harvest output, and generally increase the output by more than 10%.

5. The special fertilizer products processed by the organic fertilizer granulator can improve the taste of fruits. The fruit is full, the color is bright, the aroma is strong, and the appearance is attractive to customers. The soluble solid content and sugar content are generally increased by 1-2 degrees, the softness is improved, and the taste and flavor can be retained by customers.