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Mushroom Residue Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Turns Waste into Treasure

Mushroom residue is the residual material microbial decomposition. It contains a variety of bacterial proteins, metabolites and unused nutrients. It is a good composting material compared with other crop wastes. Industrial organic fertilizer manufacturing process can make these valuable wastes into commercial organic fertilizer, which greatly exerts its value.

Mushroom residue is mainly compost fermentation in the production process of crop fertilizer. Mushroom residue has special physical properties, which can improve soil permeability and physical and chemical properties, thus achieving the effect of soil improvement, ultimately improving crop quality, increasing production and income. When composting mushroom residue, animal manure and straw should be added to assist fermentation. Fermented compost is manufactured into granular organic fertilizer with comprehensive nutrients and slow-release fertilizer effect through organic fertilizer manufacturing process. We are the leading fertilizer machine manufacturers in China. We can not only provide professional organic fertilizer production equipment for fertilizer plants, but also provide compound fertilizer processing machinery, such as organic fertilizer granulator, fertilizer crusher, drum dryer, rotary screener and so on.
Mushroom Residue Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process

Effect of Mushroom Residue Organic Fertilizer
The content of soluble solids, water-soluble total sugar and sweetener in the fruit of the Momordica grosvenori was increased compared with that of normal soil. Mushroom slag organic fertilizer can improve the biological characteristics of Chinese cabbage. The leaf length, petiole length and leaf width of Chinese cabbage are better than conventional fertilization treatment. Adding slag organic fertilizer can significantly increase the yield of Chinese cabbage, chlorophyll, The soluble sugar content is improved and the nutritional quality is significantly improved. At the same time, the organic fertilizer made from mushroom residue can increase the yield of rice and increase the economic benefits. Applying microbes to the peppers and spinach, the microbes can increase the nutrient conversion of the soil, increase the yield of pepper and spinach, increase the absorption of nutrients, and combine the best effect of microbial plus slag.