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New designed pelletizing equipment roller granulator with low cost

Mixed fertilizer or compound fertilizer, ammonia fertilizer, potash fertilizer and many other fertilizer granulation use roller granulator. The machine is a double-input shaft granulator, which is a non-drying granulator integrating granulation, forming and grading.

Double roller extrusion granulator uses normal temperature granulation, without drying system, one-time molding, regular shape, simple operation, low energy consumption. Among the many organic fertilizer production equipment in the granulation of potash fertilizer, ammonia fertilizer and mixed fertilizer, it is a relatively cost-effective granule production line processing equipment.

The double roller press granulator has a wide range of applicability to raw materials. It can not only be used for the pellet processing of fertilizers, but also for feed pellets and pelletizing in the chemical industry. It is also applicable to environmental protection projects. Such a wide range of use reflects the high cost-effectiveness of the roller press pelletizer in fertilizer granulation equipment, and is more affordable than the organic fertilizer granulator.
New designed pelletizing equipment roller granulator with low cost

The advantages of double roller granulator are mainly reflected in the following characteristics:

The roll skin of double roller press pelletizer is made of wear-resistant materials with strong anti-corrosion ability. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long life, and high granulation rate. It is a relatively advanced compound fertilizer production at home and abroad. Granule equipment, the products of this machine are spread all over China.

Selection of roller granulator fertilizer granulation production line, of course, to choose a reliable manufacturer. Huaqiang Fertilizer Machinery Factory has many years of working experience in the field of fertilizer processing production line design, manufacturing, and service. It also has ten or several years of talents for various fertilizer equipment. The process equipment of the production line we designed has a low failure rate, stable production, and environmental protection. It is a rare high-quality organic fertilizer production equipment.