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Organic fertilizer granulator produces organic fertilizer to promote environmental protection in agriculture

 Organic fertilizer can have the development, in addition to the policy and production status, the current status of the soil of China's arable land, so that organic fertilizer has a great space to play, which organic fertilizer equipment is also indispensable, good organic fertilizer equipment, under the same raw materials, can produce high-quality organic fertilizer with less elimination rate, improve the production efficiency of organic fertilizer production line, and in line with the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection. The circulation of organic fertilizer in the market, generally in powder or granular form, granular organic fertilizer production, to use organic fertilizer granulator to help extrusion plasticity: the use of pressure to make solid materials together, and then the material by two counter-rotating roller extrusion, roller by eccentric sleeve or hydraulic system drive. When the solid material is squeezed, the air between the powder particles is first eliminated to rearrange the particles and discharge the material gap.

Organic fertilizer extrusion granulator to prevent the granulation powder material in the extrusion granulation equipment, and then use the external force, the powder material tightly compacted, due to the different external force used, so the molecules to achieve the recombination, so that the material presents cylindrical shape particles. The entire process of generation and extrusion is mechanized to form the material into a round grain shape.
The organic fertilizer equipment stock transfer granulator adopts a variety of combined lifting devices. The dryer has made a number of technological innovations in the lifting device system. It adopts a new multi combination lifting device to overcome the wind tunnel phenomenon and heat of the traditional dryer. High efficiency, reduce coal consumption by about 20%.
The rational equipment structure of the organic fertilizer equipment stock transfer granulator reduces the floor area, has large production capacity and is easy to operate. Its technology is mature, high-temperature industry, safe and reliable, energy-saving and environmental protection, greatly saving costs.
Chicken manure organic fertilizer equipment gives full play to the role of fertilizer, which not only meets the nutrient requirements of crop yield increase in the current season, but also should maintain the soil fertility and maintain the sustainable development of agriculture. Soil, plants and fertilizers are not only interrelated, but also interact and restrict each other. Fertilization should fully consider the relationship between the three, and apply fertilizer reasonably for soil and crops.