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Organic fertilizer granulator solves the problem of manure and straw treatment

Organic fertilizer granulator can treat feces and straw without pollution. After the mixture of crop straw and livestock manure, the material is fermented and decomposed. The material is made into organic fertilizer granules through the organic fertilizer granulator, and the organic fertilizer is convenient for storage and use.

Characteristics of Organic Fertilizer Granulator for Solving Feces and Straw
Straw as fertilizer is commonly used by direct returning to the field. However, after mechanized harvesting of crops, the residual waste is huge. If the soil moisture is not enough, the quality of straw overturning is not good, and the straw can not be fully matured, it will hinder the follow-up tillage, affect planting, reduce yield, and increase crop diseases and insect pests. Organic fertilizer granulator can make straw into organic fertilizer without these hazards. The straw was fermented and stacked, and the decomposition was completed, then the fertilizer was granulated by the organic fertilizer granulator. The organic fertilizer obtained in this way can not only improve the overall nutrition of crops, but also have long fertilizer efficiency.
Large-scale farms and other breeding bases produce a large amount of feces every day. If these animal feces are not properly handled, they will breed bacteria and endanger human and animal health. Animal manure is one of the main raw materials for the production of organic fertilizer granulator. Making organic fertilizer from animal manure is a kind of utilization mode conforming to the ecological cycle, and the production cost of organic fertilizer granulator is low and the benefit is high.
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Advantages of Organic Fertilizer Granulator for Treating Feces and Straw
Fertilizer products produced by organic fertilizer granulator production line have high nutrient content. Organic fertilizer produced by mixed fermentation of livestock manure and straw is a high-quality organic fertilizer, which can increase organic matter in soil. Fertilizer is safe, green and harmless fertilizer after high-temperature fermentation, which eliminates pathogens, insects and eggs. Organic fertilizer granulator improves the utilization efficiency of straw and feces.
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