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Organic fertilizer high temperature compost fermentation method

The initial fermentation of organic fertilizer is natural compost fermentation, which is simple in operation and low in cost. However, the fermentation speed is slow, the fertilizer efficiency is poor (can not be released completely), and the maturity is not complete. After fertilization, it is easy to have secondary fermentation, burn roots and seedlings, causing unnecessary economic losses. Gradually this kind of natural compost is abandoned by people. More and more fertilizer factories add fermentation agents into the compost. Through the modern organic fertilizer production equipment such as the turner, the fermentation materials are cut, the fertilizer maturity is improved. The fertilizer efficiency is released, and there is no secondary fermentation, to avoid burning roots and seedlings, and the pests and diseases are reduced.

At present, the better method of organic fertilizer maturation is high temperature composting. The following organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers will introduce the method of high temperature composting:

1. Material ratio. 5 tons of fresh feces (preferably fresh feces, the fermentation effect of fresh feces is better than that of old feces). Add a proper amount of organic fertilizer fermentation agent. The fermentation agent should be mixed with crop straw in the proportion of 1:5, and then evenly spread into the manure pile, and mix evenly.

2. Water regulation. The water content of fermentation materials should be controlled at 50-60%. The simple judgment method is as follows: grasp the mixed fermentation materials tightly, see the watermark but do not drop water at the finger joint, and release it to the ground to disperse it. In summer, there is a little more water to prevent nitrogen from ashing. Winter should be less, so as to avoid slow heating due to poor ventilation.

3. Material stacking. It can't be too small or too short when making the compost. Too small will affect the fermentation. The height and width of the compost are 1.5-2 meters respectively, and the length is unlimited. The top of the pile shall be perforated with a wooden rod to ventilate, and it shall be deep to the bottom of the pile.
 compost fermentation
4. Starting temperature. The start-up temperature should be above 15℃ (when possible, start the fermentation indoors or in a greenhouse).

5. Turn over the stack for ventilation. Pay attention to proper oxygen supply and turning over during fermentation. When the temperature rises to 60-70℃ or above, the compost turner machine shall be used to stir the compost, which generally needs to be turned over 2-3 times. The stacking temperature shall be kept between 60-80℃ and shall not exceed 80℃, so as to prevent high temperature from killing beneficial bacteria in manure. Severe piles or burnt piles can occur when it is severe.
compost turner organic fertilizer production equipment
6. Fermentation complete. Generally, the material is dark brown, the temperature begins to fall to normal temperature, and the fermentation is completed when the manure is odorless and tasteless. Composts that are properly cooked are preferably pelletized by organic fertilizer granulator. We provide different types of granulation machine, disc granulator machine, rotary drum granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator, etc.