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Organic Fertilizer Making Machine-Core Component of Ring Die Granulator

Organic fertilizer making machines include compost turner, crusher, organic fertilizer granulator, dryer, crusher, screener and so on. Ring die granulator is an important equipment for organic fertilizer granulation production. Compared with other organic fertilizer making machine, it has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, easy operation. In the fertilizer granulation process, the ring die granulator improves the efficiency of fertilizer production and the competitiveness of organic fertilizer products in the agricultural market.
ring die granulator of organic fertilizer making machinering die granulator of organic fertilizer making machine

Ring die granulator is granulated by die extrusion. The core parts of ring die granulator are easy to worn and play an important role in granulation.

1 ring die is one of the main parts of ring die granulator. Our factory chooses high quality alloy steel to make ring die, which has high strength and is heat treated. The shape of the ring die is a porous cylinder part. After the organic fertilizer is extruded from the die hole, the rotating blade cuts the material into particles.

2 pressure roller. The pressure roller of the ring die granulator is mainly composed of an eccentric shaft, a pressure roller shell, a rolling bearing and the like. The pressing roller rotates counterclockwise with the rotating shaft of the motor, presses the organic fertilizer into the ring die, and moves relative to the hob to cut the material in the ring die.

3. Specification of ring die and roller. Ring die and pressing roller are important parts of ring die granulator, which determine the quality of granulation, so the size of ring die and pressing roller is also very important, and is the key of organic fertilizer granulation. The sizes of the ring die and the press roll should be determined according to the required particle and die-roll diameter ratio, and the most suitable specifications are made through experiments.