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Organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment has good profits from processing duck manure

The complete set of organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment has many advantages in processing duck manure. Raising ducks in batches on farms can increase benefits and reduce breeding costs, but also produce a large amount of duck manure that we can't stand. Farms grow up in batches of ducks to get meat and eggs, but also need to deal with waste in time. An organic fertilizer making machine can process it into "feed" that the soil loves to eat.

There are many raw materials for processing organic fertilizer, and the manure quality of the farm is particularly good. Duck manure compost is a high-quality organic fertilizer for farmland, but the traditional treatment method is difficult and technically difficult and does not meet the needs of agricultural modernization. The duck manure is fully turned over by the Tianci equipment composting and throwing machine to remove harmful substances, and then made into pellets by a disc granulator machine to become a high-quality organic fertilizer, which is widely used in tea trees, vegetable and fruit trees, and green breeding. Now that we know the usefulness of duck dung, we can no longer throw it away at will and waste its value.

The organic fertilizer manufacturing machine include: compost turner, crusher, screening machine, granulator, drum dryer, packaging machine, etc. if it is necessary to process duck manure powder fertilizer, fertilizer granulator and dryer can be removed. In the whole set of equipment and technology, we must pay attention to the use of compost Tipper and select suitable fermentation equipment, so that we can reduce the investment cost and process organic fertilizer better. What is the floor area of an organic fertilizer plant? We have to look at the planning. If you want to know more about the equipment and information about the production of organic fertilizer from animal manure, please contact us.