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How to improve the quality of organic fertilizer in the processing of organic fertilizer production line

The organic fertilizer production line processes waste into organic fertilizer through a series of equipment. Organic fertilizer production line equipment recycles livestock manure and agricultural waste straw, which effectively prevents environmental pollution and is widely welcomed. Now the automation of organic fertilizer production line is getting higher and higher, and the production efficiency of organic fertilizer is getting better and better.
In the organic fertilizer production line, compost fermentation is the basis of organic fertilizer production, which establishes the nutrient content of organic matter. The compost turner is the main equipment in organic fertilizer fermentation, which has a key improvement on the quality of organic fertilizer fermentation. Here we introduce how to improve the quality of organic fertilizer in the organic fertilizer production line by composting operation and compost turner.

In order to speed up the efficiency of organic fertilizer production line, different materials should be treated before composting of organic fertilizer raw materials. (1) Municipal solid waste should be sorted out to remove debris such as broken glass, stones, tiles and plastics. In particular, heavy metals and toxic organic and inorganic substances should be prevented from mixing in. (2) For hard and waxy materials, such as corn and sorghum straw, which have low water absorption, it is better to crush the materials with straw crusher, and then soak them in water or 2% lime water to destroy the waxy layer on the straw surface, and promote decomposition by water absorption. (3) Aquatic weeds, due to excessive water content, should be slightly cooled and dried before accumulation.

Organic compost turner treatment. After treatment, the raw materials are stacked in fermentation tank. Generally, 3-5 days after stacking, the organic matter begins to be decomposed by microorganisms to release heat, and the temperature in the stack rises slowly. After 7-8 days, the temperature in the reactor rises significantly, reaching 60-70 ℃. When composting, attention should be paid to the use of compost turner for turning over. The compost turner can not only turn the materials inside the compost into the outside, but also crush and mix the materials to make the materials mix evenly, which is helpful to the full fermentation of the materials. There are many types of organic compost turner equipment. Simple compost turner can be selected for small and medium-sized organic fertilizer production line. The equipment has simple structure, high efficiency, and can be automatically dumped. It is widely praised by organic manufacturer. Double screws compost turner is a necessary equipment for large-scale organic fertilizer production line. The output of double screws compost turner for fermentation material treatment is huge. Its stacking depth can reach 1.5m and width can reach 12m, which greatly improves the space utilization rate and saves the production cost of organic fertilizer.
compost turnerdouble screws compost turner

Composting affects the quality of organic matter in organic fertilizer fermentation, followed by further processing of organic fertilizer. The main equipment of an organic fertilizer production line are compost turning machine, crusher, organic fertilizer granulator, mixer, drum dryer, rotary cooler, packing machine. The quality of organic fertilizer is determined by the cooperative processing of the equipment in these organic fertilizer production lines.