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Dry powder ammonium chloride roller fertilizer granulator process

According to the requirements of ammonium chloride standard, the water content of ammonium chloride should be less than 1%, and anti-caking agent should be added. The ammonium chloride fertilizer manufacturing process provided by our company meets the requirements of GB2946 - 92 standard. The double roller fertilizer granulator is developed according to the characteristics of the product.

Dry roller fertilizer manufacturing process: Bucket elevator feeds finished powder ammonium chloride into feed port, unloader feeds material evenly into double roller fertilizer granulator, powder is extruded, crushed and screened to obtain granular ammonium chloride. The refined granular ammonium chloride transdermal belt conveyor is conveyed to the rotary drum screener machine. After screening by the screenr machine, the surplus powder material is returned to the fertilizer granulation manufacturing process, and the returned material is mixed with the raw material.
double roller fertilizer granulator

Because the properties of ammonium chloride powder (temperature, humidity) and anti-caking agent affect the granulation strength and particle rate, the drying temperature of ammonium chloride powder in the production process is stored from 60-80℃ to 30-40℃. At the same time, the powder ammonium chloride is used in the drum extrusion sprinkler. Otherwise, there will be lower granulation strength and more recycling. The storage of powdered ammonium chloride varies according to seasonal temperature, and caking will occur in more than 10 to 20 hours. The blockage of the inlet and outlet increases the production cost, and the granulation rate of the process route is low, and the powder is more.