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Production line technology for producing fertilizer using chicken manure in chicken farms

 Method for producing organic fertilizer from chicken manure in chicken farm
1. Drying method
Drying methods are divided into three types: high-temperature rapid drying, mechanical drying and natural drying. High-temperature drying needs to be heated in a continuously running dehydrating desiccant. At a high temperature of 500 degrees Celsius, the moisture can be reduced to less than 13% in a short time, and it can be used as feed. Natural drying is mostly used by farmers, adding rice bran to chicken manure, exposing it to the sun, sifting out impurities after drying, and putting it in a bag or placing it in a dry place for later use. The organic fertilizer machine needed here is a dryer.
2. Silage method
Use fresh chicken manure 50-65%, chopped green fodder, 25% Hepburn pasture feed, 10% rice bran mixed, and control at about 60% when the water is contained. After being compacted and sealed, it can be used within 30-45 days. For the feeding of cattle, sheep and pigs. This method is not used in any part of the fertilizer production process, and the raw materials processed by this method are not used in fertilizer production.
3. Puffing method
It is also called thermal spraying method, that is, the fresh chicken manure is first aired until the moisture content is below 30%, and then put into a sealed puffing equipment, heated to about 200 degrees Celsius, and the pressure is 8-15 kg per square meter. The chicken manure can be sprayed out, and the volume can be increased by about 30%. The treatment effect of this method is very good, fluffy and palatable, rich in fragrance. The digestibility of organic matter is increased by about 10%. This method is not suitable for granulating raw materials with an organic fertilizer granulator.