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Recovery of drug residues to make bio-organic fertilizer

The traditional treatment method is incineration or landfill, which not only occupies the land, but also produces a lot of dust, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants. We use biofertilizer production processes to reprocess drug residues into fertilizer for farmland, and the residue is processed into bio-organic fertilizer, which becomes a valuable commodity. Bioorganic fertilizer can not only effectively improve soil, improve the quality, yield, safety and effectiveness of medicinal materials, but also greatly reduce the cost of drug use.
Biofertilizer production equipment not only realizes the recycling of waste residue resources and promotes safe and efficient drug production, but also has significant economic, social and environmental benefits.
drug residues biofertilizer production

The main bio-organic fertilizer production equipment needed for processing residue is: crusher, organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum dryer, drum screening machine, packing machine, etc. Biofertilizer production project, using traditional Chinese medicine residue as raw material, mixing the latest fertilizer production technology with cow manure and straw, adding fast fermentation bacteria to ferment, is processed into bio-organic fertilizer to reduce waste of resources and environmental damage. It can not only solve the problem of waste liquid treatment in the preparation room, greatly reduce the cost of waste treatment, but also realize the win-win situation of environmental protection and economic development.

At present, the application of bio-organic fertilizer can not only promote the growth and development of fruit trees, but also improve the yield and quality of fruit products. More importantly, the beneficial bacteria provided by bio-organic fertilizer can effectively improve the rhizosphere soil environment of fruit trees, promote the absorption of mineral elements by roots, and play a key role in the health and sustainable production of fruit trees. The key role of bio-organic fertilizer, therefore, the prospect of bio-organic fertilizer production is also very broad, worthy of promotion.