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The role of organic granular fertilizer making machine

Bio-organic fertilizer must go through fermentation, decomposition, crushing, granulation and other organic fertilizer production line processes, but also must add or retain a suitable amount of beneficial microorganisms, which requires a higher technical content and higher technical measures in the processing of bio-organic fertilizers.
Organic granular fertilizer making machine is a special fertilizer production equipment for producing bio-organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer, which meets the needs of fertilizer production process. Fermented and decomposed compost is processed by an organic fertilizer crusher and then manufactured into slow-acting fertilizer granules suitable for different crops by an organic granular fertilizer making machine. This kind of organic fertilizer granular product can control the release of nutrients. Its release basically coincides with the physiological needs of crops. It improves the utilization rate of fertilizers, does not poison crops and waste fertilizers, prolongs fertilizer efficiency and achieves the effect of increasing crop income.
organic granular fertilizer making machine
It is the trend of fertilizer industry to develop and produce bio-fertilizers and organic fertilizers with different formulations according to different soils and crops. Organic granular fertilizer making machine creates good conditions for the industrialization of green food and organic food. Through the treatment of beneficial microorganisms, organic wastes such as crop straw, livestock and poultry manure can be transformed into bio-organic fertilizer, making it harmless and resource-oriented, solving the worries of planting and breeding, and increasing the added value of livestock and poultry products. At the same time, straw returning to the field through non-pathogenic microorganisms can increase the content of soil organic matter, improve the physical and chemical properties of soil and soil, improve soil fertility, reduce and reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. The correct use of organic granular fertilizer making machiner can improve the output of agricultural products and the quality of agricultural products. Organic granular fertilizer making machine has good ecological benefits, economic benefits and good social benefits, and makes agricultural production a sustainable development path.