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Roller press granulator to produce ammonium bicarbonate granules

Ammonium bicarbonate is not only cheap in nitrogen fertilizer varieties, but also superior to other nitrogen fertilizers in chemical properties of agriculture. NH4, CO2 and water in ammonium bicarbonate are all essential nutrients for plants. Ammonium bicarbonate is suitable for all kinds of soil and crops. Long-term application of ammonium bicarbonate will affect soil quality. Ammonium bicarbonate is one of the most easily absorbed nitrogen fertilizers in any case. Once applied into the soil, it is not easy to volatilize and lose nitrogen. However, the disadvantage of ammonium bicarbonate is easy to volatilize, deliquescence and caking, which makes it difficult to store and use, and adds some trouble to the sale of ammonium bicarbonate fertilizer commodities.
double roller press granulatordouble roller press granulator granule
Roller press granulator has a good granulating effect in the production of ammonium bicarbonate fertilizer. The machine granulates at room temperature, once forming, simple process, no chemical reaction of fertilizer, and easy processing. After granulation, the physical and chemical properties of ammonium bicarbonate changed fundamentally, and crystals were formed 7 days later. The water content of powdered ammonium sulfate is getting higher and higher, but the nitrogen content is getting lower and lower; while the granular ammonium carbonate has changed reversely, the water content is getting lower and lower, but the nitrogen content is getting higher and higher. Granular ammonium bicarbonate does not agglomerate, does not deliquescence, is easy to apply, dissolves in the soil for a long time, has a long fertilizer effect, and has a high fertilizer utilization, with a remarkable yield increase effect.