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Advantages of vertical chain crusher in fertilizer treatment

Crushing is an important process in fertilizer production. Chain crusher has realized the crushing of compound fertilizer raw materials and bulk, large particle semi-finished products, and has played a great role in fertilizer crushing. From the structural point of view, chain crusher can be divided into vertical chain crusher and horizontal chain crusher.
Vertical chain crusher is a kind of machine that crushes brittle materials mainly by impact, and its crushing degree is higher than that of crusher mainly by extrusion. Under impact, the crushed material often breaks up along its most vulnerable layer. This selective crushing method has a higher probability of cubic particles. Vertical chain crusher overcomes the shortcomings of the production of materials in the barrel body wall, etc., its high degree of automation, flexible operation, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, market demand.
vertical chain crusherfertilizer granule

Vertical chain crusher has the following advantages in fertilizer production:
1) The crusher barrel is equipped with rubber plate, which is not easy to adhere to the wall and clean up; the crusher uses high-strength cemented carbide chain in crushing fertilizer, which is strong, wear-resistant and has long service life.
2) A new sealing structure is adopted for the rotor, casing and bearing chamber, which can effectively solve the problem of dust leakage and dust entering the bearing chamber chamber to damage the bearing.
3) The inlet and outlet ports of vertical chain crusher are designed reasonably, the crushed materials are uniform, not easy to adhere to the wall, and easy to clean up.
4) Vertical chain crusher has simple structure, high efficiency and low cost; quick-opening overhaul doors are installed on both sides of the cylinder body, which makes maintenance and operation more convenient, parts replacement more convenient and maintenance workload less.
5) Large production capacity, large crushing ratio, strong adaptability to materials, generally brittle materials below medium hardness can be crushed, large outlet.