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What are the types of tipping machines for fermenting organic fertilizers from kitchen waste


The organic fertilizer equipment for food waste fermentation is located in the fermentation tank, with one end being the feed inlet and the other end being the discharge outlet. Basically, one end is fed and the other end is gradually discharged. The intermediate treatment process is using a tank type hydraulic tipping machine equipment, mainly used to promote the aerobic fermentation and maturation of materials, and to supplement oxygen, regulate water content, temperature, etc., to achieve the ability of uninterrupted continuous processing. The fermented and decomposed organic fertilizer raw materials are then sequentially transported to the equipment of the deep processing organic fertilizer production line for commercial processing.

The organic fertilizer production line includes fermentation process, crushing process, mixing process, granulation process, drying and cooling process, screening process, coating process, and packaging process. This includes various equipment such as raw material stacking and fermentation equipment, overturning machines, cooling machines, screening machines, etc. Among them, overturning machines play an important role in the entire process.

The tipping machine includes two types: slot type tipping machine and track type tipping machine.

1. Equipment investment cost: The main power of the slot type stacker is electric starting, which is relatively low in cost; The power mode of the crawler dump is a diesel engine, which has a relatively high cost.

2. Factory location: Due to significant site limitations, the slot type stacker must be equipped with a fermentation tank and can only be moved on top of it; The crawler type stacker is not limited by the site, and can turn 180 ° freely and drive as needed;

3. Processing capacity: The slot type stacker can be used with multiple slots in one machine, and can also be equipped with a hydraulic lifting system, resulting in relatively large processing capacity; The crawler type stacker has a slow walking speed and a lower pile body, therefore its processing capacity is relatively small;

4. Cleanliness: The slot type stacker has a fermentation tank, which can to some extent prevent feces from splashing everywhere, making it relatively clean and tidy; The crawler type stacker only has two side baffles that can prevent splashing during the stacker process, so the environmental protection level is not as high as the slot type stacker;

The organic fertilizer tipping machine plays a very important role in the entire production process of organic fertilizer. Its working principle is to treat various organic raw materials such as animal manure, sludge waste, residue cake, and straw sawdust through aerobic fermentation to become qualified organic fertilizer. It plays an irreplaceable role in the entire fermentation process and is widely used in organic fertilizer plants, compound fertilizer plants, sludge waste plants, etc Fermentation, ripening, and moisture removal operations in horticultural plants and mushroom cultivation plants.