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What benefits can organic fertilizer crusher bring to agriculture?

Due to the excessive dependence of agricultural production on fertilizers and other fertilizer sources, the composition of various nutrients in the soil is uneven, and the soil structure has also changed. There are some problems in agriculture, such as soil hardening and salinization. However, it is found that the fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer production equipment can only alleviate the problems of soil hardening and salinization due to its comprehensive nutrition and rich organic matter. The implementation of sustainable agriculture and the construction of ecological agriculture are essential sources of fertilizer. Therefore, the organic fertilizer production line has been strongly supported by the agricultural field.
organic fertilizer crusher

Function of organic fertilizer crusher

Organic fertilizer crusher is designed to crush organic fertilizer and NPK compound fertilizer. In the processing of NPK fertilizer production line, the material enters the crusher through the feed port, and is crushed into the material that can pass through the radial clearance of multi-layer high-speed rotation, and then discharged through the outlet. The inner wall of the machine is made of rubber or stainless steel (according to the needs of customers). The surface is smooth and easy to clean. It changes the phenomenon that the inner wall of ordinary crusher is rough, easy to accumulate powder and difficult to clean, so that the production of food, medicine and chemical products can meet the requirements.

Advantages of organic fertilizer crusher

High strength cemented carbide chain plate with synchronous rotation speed is adopted in the comminution process of organic fertilizer crusher. The design of inlet and outlet is reasonable, the crushing material is uniform, and it is not easy to stick to the wall, and the cleaning is convenient. The crusher adopts new technology, selects high-quality steel and carries out system optimization design. It has large output and high reliability. Organic fertilizer crusher has the characteristics of reasonable structure, fast feeding speed, stable performance and strong impact resistance. The crushed material meets the pelletizing requirements of disc granulator machine and is the main equipment for fertilizer production.