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What organic fertilizer equipment and preparation are needed for the construction of bioorganic fertilizer plant

Bio-organic fertilizer plant is a promising investment project with mature technology, good market prospects and strong risk resistance. So, what organic fertilizer equipment and preparation are needed for the construction of bioorganic fertilizer plant?

Raw material supply for bio-organic fertilizer production
The raw materials for the production of bio-organic fertilizer are mainly bio-bacterial agents, organic and inorganic substances and various trace elements. Organic matter, such as animal manure, peat, peat and pond mud, should be taken from nearby sources. The site of the plant should be located near the source of raw materials. There are many kinds of chemical fertilizer raw materials. Organic fertilizer plants can choose to add them according to the market.

Production process of bio-organic fertilizer
The raw materials for production are high-quality animal manure, peat and fermentation agent, etc., which are produced by fermentation. Small bio-organic fertilizer plants can adopt simple production process to reduce investment and production costs.
organic fertilizer production line equipment
Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Equipment
According to the production characteristics of bio-organic fertilizer, the production process should be equipped with a complete set of special equipment for the production and processing of organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer production line equipment include crusher, mixer, turning machine, granulator, drum screener, conveyor and packaging machine.
Crusher: Used for crushing raw materials before fermentation, easy to mix back materials and bacteria evenly, full fermentation.
Mixer: For the full mixing of various materials and bacteria.
Compost turing machine: It is the key equipment for industrial production of organic fertilizer. It is used for turning over fermented materials in tank type to ensure the full fermentation of mixed materials.
Organic fertilizer granulator: It is used for granulation of organic fertilizer to meet the needs of different processes and crops.
Screening Machine: Screening impurities, improving the purity of organic fertilizer, screening out suitable bio-organic fertilizer particles
Conveyor: It is used for conveying materials into and out of warehouse, transferring organic fertilizer, and conveying materials in the production line of organic fertilizer granulation.