Customer from Sudan come to our factory to visit the equipment

Last week, Henan Tianci Factory welcomed a new friend, a customer who came from Africa to Sudan, came to our workshop and discussed with our factory about the cooperation of NPK fertilizer production process equipment.
Customer visit fertilizer equipmentCustomer visit fertilizer equipment

In the afternoon, our manager led the guest to visit the office building and factory building of the company, gave a detailed product introduction to the customer in the office, and showed the sample of fertilizer to the customer. After that, the customer watched the company's promotional video, understood our good after-sales service guarantee and various product quality certification, and increased the confidence of customer cooperation.

In the afternoon, the customer visited our equipment manufacturing workshop and inspected the production of our equipment on site. This Sudanese customer is also very interested in compound fertilizer granulation, so we used a double roller fertilizer granulator to show him the granulation process on site, and the customer was very satisfied with the processing effect of the granulator.

During the whole visit, we introduced the drum dryer, crusher, packaging machine and windrow turner machine. The dryer machine is a large-scale equipment for the whole NPK fertilizer production process, which accounts for a large proportion of the equipment expenditure. Windrow turner is an indispensable equipment for the production of organic fertilizer.
Customer visit fertilizer equipmentCustomer visit fertilizer equipment
During this visit, the general manager not only introduced the development prospect of our company to Sudanese customers, but also deepened the progress of our follow-up cooperation. The customers expressed their purchase intention for some equipment, and we established the future cooperation direction of both sides.

Tianci fertilizer equipment factory has won the recognition of global customers through continuous technological innovation, professional production technology and perfect after-sales system. In the future, we will continue to strive for better products, better user experience, dedication to global customers, and strive to build a world brand!